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ooc; how's my driving?

Did Stannis make you/your character cry? Do you actually want him to be your king? Be sure to let me know. All comments (good or bad) are welcome, and IP is off and anon is on. Like Stannis, I value honesty, and will screen comments on the request of the poster.

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hi hiii i loved trolling your stannis last night i just thought i should let you know
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So...I just want you to know that I have been wanting to create a Davos account for awhile. But I kept putting it off because I thought, "Well there isn't going to be a Stannis anywhere - an active or good one, at least. And what is Davos without Stannis but a sad, pathetic, morose thing?" But I did it anyways and then - THEN - I saw your account and the part of my soul dedicated to GoT/ASoIaF fandom felt warm and complete and I hope that, someday, I can be half the Davos that you are a Stannis and that we might make wonderful words together and such.

I am not sure what else to say except that I feel vaguely embarrassed for posting this as well as intimidated by your comfort with your own character as well as clear grasp on the series, but that in spite of this I hope to be able to encounter you more in the future.