bruxisms: (blah blah duty blah blah lawr)
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ooc ; tv tropes

canon tropes:
♚      asexuality
♚      because melisandre said destiny may or may not say do
♚      big screwed up family/royally screwed up
♚      brutal honesty
♚      cain and abel
♚      DEADpan snarker
♚      determinator
♚      king in sour armor
♚      lawful neutral
♚      lawful neutral is not nice
♚      M I D D L E  C H I L D  S Y N D R O M E
♚      modest royalty
♚      morally grey uncle
♚      nay theist
♚      no social skills
♚      perpetual frowner
♚      principles zealot
♚      royals who actually do something
♚      sibling yin yang
♚      spare to the throne
♚      the resenter
♚      to be lawful or good
♚      well intentioned extremist
♚      zero percent approval rating